• kuh46
    Paris. 16 th District. Kitchen black-white colors in a minimalist style, the effect of gloss
  • kuh52
    Province. The kitchen is full of sheets of wood, covered with polyurethane varnish. Wooden interior walls. On the floor parquet board.
  • kuh53
    Moscow. Kitchen elements made of high quality wood, upper part - of the composite. Covered with glossy lacquer kitchen
  • kuh59
    Villa in Provence. Parts made black gloss worktop - composite headset stainless steel
  • kuh54
    Villa in Corsica. Made from sheets of high quality wood, covered with ultra - glossy varnish. The plinth is made of polished stainless steel
  • kuh50
    Nice. Worktop and the upper elements are formed in the composite. Black and white pieces are covered with a glossy varnish
  • kuh55
    Paris. The kitchen is modern in style. Made of high quality wooden plate and covered with a matte, black lacquer; cap and insert are made of stainless steel
  • kuh56
    Villa in the South. In the style of wood and covered with clear varnish